Welcome back. The old darkblizz site has been lost and scattered across unknown areas of the Internet and buried in the runes of forgotten hard drives.  Old content and assets probably won’t be found.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this site yet…but something will happen.

If you want to get in touch with me, take a ride over to #beta.  I’m usually in there.



15 thoughts on “Resurrection

      1. Hey man!

        Probably don’t remember me but I have been using your Bots for years. Figured I’d get back on my feet & play a little d2 and I want to get a name for my character I will be focusing on..

        Do you have a link to your Rogue of Diablo v2 Bot? I had it on my old comp but I built a new one & can’t seem to find the DL.




  1. Feel free to post here your question. The iRC server and channel are working fine also. I’m usually there on weekends or after 1am on weekdays us eastern time.
    Best off posting here for a guaranteed reply.


  2. What’s up Myst, Goran here. Long time no see. I remade Thief@USEast if you ever login to bnet again. I idle in Clan Dark.


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